Palestine and Israel: Persistent Hope & Audacious Possibility (2009)

When we asked Rev David LeGrand to speak at MILC’s AGM in November 2008 about his experiences working with an ecumenical peace organization in Palestine and Israel, we had no idea how timely this presentation would prove to be. David provided unique insights available only to those who have lived and worked with those involved directly in the regional conflicts. The haunting images he presented of high walls and barbed wire fences and of people on both sides working for peace in spite of what seem at times like insuperable odds, came vividly to mind as war once again raged through the region in the early days of 2009. David suggested that while there are no easy answers, the United Church must play a role in ensuring that the Canadian government recognizes the importance of working for peace in this region. Individuals can also play an important role through their support for the church’s United for Peace Campaign.

A list of resources for further study was made available and is posted in the resources section of this site.


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