Alive and Well with Rob Dalgleish (October 7, 2006)

As part of the 60th anniversary Thanksgiving celebrations of Saint Paul’s United Church, Rob Dalgleish will offer a free workshop on the morning of October the 7th.

Rob is the United Church General Council staffperson for Urban Ministries, and has done extensive work in developing the “Congregational Vitality Assessment Tool.”

Join Rob and the St. Paul’s gang for a morning that explores how to discover and bolster the call to faithfulness for your congregation and community.

The weekend will also include a Saturday night potluck dinner and hymn-sing, as well as a special anniversary service on Sunday featuring Rob Dalgleish as the keynote speaker.

Please register via St. Paul’s office by calling (705) 675-6189.

Saint Paul’s United Church is located at 131 Regent Street, Sudbury.

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