Everything Scottish

On Saturday, April 12th the Manitou Intentional Learning community will be hosting a concert celebrating everything Scottish at 7:30pm at St Andrew’s United Church. The concert features Malcolm Sinclair and David McKane along with the Sudbury District Pipe Band and Dancers. Malcolm and David are alumni of Huntington, and proceeds will go to alumni development at Huntington University.

Tickets are $10 with free admission for accompanied children aged 12 and under.

Malcolm writes:

“WE’RE NO’ DEAD YET!” A one- night-stand Scottish concert with two old Alumi, with their aesthetic supports, out to prove that nothing is worn under the grey locks.

In 1964, when Huntington University was the new kid on campus, David McKane and Malcolm Sinclair met there. For over thirty years these two United Church ministers have taken their friendship on the road. Savouring all things Scottish they have travelled far in the company of whiskey and haggis, Robert Burns, dancers, singers, and pipers They have braved a thousand Scotch pies, buckets of mushy peas, and enough boozy trifle to sedate a rhino. Still they journey on. Someone has to do it.

These lads will just happen to be in the old neighbourhood some 41 years later and would love to do the show “for auld lang sine”. If you’re willing to pay to see it the money will all go towards “Alumni Development” at Huntington University. These lads always work for free, since no one ever offered to pay them.

They’re no’ dead yet, but its surely comin’, so catch the act while they’re still breathin’.

The Rev. Dr. David Mckane is the minister of First-St. Andrews United Church in London Ontario. Irish born, he holds a doctorate in Celtic Studies and is a much sought after preacher and leader. David writes the “Question Box” in the United Church Observer.

The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Sinclair is the preaching minister at Metropolitan United Church in Toronto. He is a singer, writer and a composer of hymns and is currently on sabbatical. Malcolm will spend part of this summer on the island of Iona In Scotland.