Sil Selects Book Club (May 2008)

Several years ago a friend invited me to help her start a book club. This group of women has become an important feature in my life. Every June, at a catered pot luck lunch we choose the books we will read for the next year. Belonging to a book club has stimulated my interest in reading and I am enjoying a past time that I had neglected.

From time to time I am going to share a book that has particular interest to me and might be of interest to you.

28 Stories of Aids in Africa by Stephanie Nolan

I was not looking forward to reading this book and I procrastinated ordering it from the local library. I started reading with a sense of obligation; my heart was not in the venture.

However, I quickly was drawn into the stories that are related by this talented author. Instead of depressing narratives that bring guilt and sadness, I read inspiring stories of hope and courage. Each story is accompanied with a photo that puts a face on the women, men and children who are living with HIV and AIDS. Each face tells its own story and it was a privilege to be allowed into those stories.

Stephanie Nolan was born in Montreal and lives in South Africa. Her stories and articles are often carried in The Globe and Mail.

Stepping Lightly by Mark A Burch

The hymn Touch the earth lightly1 is given new meaning by the writings of Mark Burch. His view of recycling is having nothing to recycle and he sets out practical ways to accomplish this goal. He calls his method “voluntary simplicity”.

This book isn’t for the faint of heart. It challenged many of my assumptions and values, and it will take me some time to digest Burch’s ideas. Nevertheless it made me stop and consider my role as an occupant of our planet home.

Mark Burch lives in Manitoba and he will send you the book if you send him $20. Contact Mark at [email protected]

What are you reading which you would like to share with other MILC members? Please send your articles to [email protected]..



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