What, Me Preach!

On November 18th and 19th, 2011 the Manitou Intentional Learning Community was delighted to host the renowned homiletition, Rev. Dr. Paul Scott Wilson, for a two-day learning event in Sudbury.

Dr. Wilson’s CV is lengthy and impressive: tenured professor of homiletics at Emmanuel College (U of T); past –president of the International Academy of Homiletics; award-winning author of numerous books and articles; widely-sought lecturer and preacher in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Canada.

More even than all of those accolades, however, it is his easy-going manner and highly-accessible method of instruction that has made Dr. Wilson so well-known and well-liked as a teacher and mentor to seminary students, seasoned pastors and lay preachers alike.

An ordained minister himself in the United Church of Canada, Dr. Wilson has served in several churches; beginning with his settlement charge in Larder Lake, right here in Manitou Conference!

Clearly he has a heart for empowering ordinary, faithful folk—be they lay or ordained—to become effective and passionate preachers of the Gospel, as was evident throughout our time with him.

Using his tried and true approach to sermon-writing—the Four Pages of the Sermon—participants worked in small groups with the lectionary texts for the Advent season; each group collaborating to create a sermon outline for their assigned text, which subsequently was presented to the larger group.

Whether an experienced clergyperson or DLM looking to brush up on her skills or a newly licensed lay worship leader, we each one went away having gleaned something of value for our preaching; not only from Paul, but from each other as well.

Our two days ended in high Spirit, with a worship service featuring Dr. Wilson “preaching what we practiced”.

With gratitude, M.I.L.C is looking forward to bringing our esteemed guest back to Northern Ontario for “part-two” sometime in the near future … and I’m happy to report that Paul already has accepted the invitation!

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