World Labyrinth Day: Walking Apart but not Alone

On world labyrinth day, May 2nd, approximately 50 people joined for an online event to “walk apart but not alone.”  The annual labyrinth walk, which is traditionally held at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes was adapted to be a fun online “walk” as one.  Prior to the date, participants were encouraged to make their own finger labyrinth and then join a group online to walk the labyrinths together.

You can continue to use these resources to assist in your meditative practices.

1) Find your creativity and get some tips and tricks for making your very own finger labyrinth by watching this short video:

How to Make Your Own Finger Labyrinth

2) Connect to the St. Peter’s United Church Sudbury YouTube channel and watch the recording for the labyrinth workshop.  The workshop leaders share some words of comfort and you can join in by “walking” our finger labyrinth:

Labyrinth Day Walk Video