Labyrinth walking this Summer

Summer is here and we wanted to let you know that the St. Peter’s labyrinth at the Lourdes Grotto in Sudbury is OPEN! Physical distancing is still required, so if you do visit, please go only with people in your ‘bubble’ or household, or by yourself. This is because we can’t do the 6 feet apart necessary at every step of the labyrinth. We hope that group events can resume soon!

Here is an idea for celebrating the summer solstice (June 20-21) this weekend or whenever you can:

Go to the labyrinth or use your finger labyrinth and walk your own walk, thinking of the balance of light and dark. The walk in and the walk out usually take the same amount of time, so balance is reflected here. Perhaps think of day or light on the way in, and night or dark on the way out. What do these concepts mean to you? What happens when they are in balance in your life? Say a prayer or set an intention in the middle.

With Blessings, Amy Hallman Grout, Labyrinth Coordinator at St. Peter’s United and the MILC (Manitou Intentional Learning Community) Labyrinth Team