Discipleship in a Burning World

Discipleship in a Burning World: Christian Faith and Ecological Crisis 

The changes that human beings must undertake in order to adequately respond to the ecological crisis are complex and difficult. While we have expressed concern over the need for change for decades, we have been largely ineffective, and the crisis, in its various dimensions, has been careening out of control. In this talk, I will address two essential pieces of the solution for people of faith: coming to a new understanding of who we are as the human species in creation, and understanding what discipleship means and its potential for transformative action in the face of the ecological crisis.

Join us for an online event exploring Christian faith and ecological crisis with Rev. Dr. Jessica Hetherington.

April 27, 2022 @ 7pm on Zoom.

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The Rev. Dr. Jessica Hetherington, ecotheologian and ordained minister, is a preacher, speaker and teacher who inspires people of faith to transform their lives and actions in response to the ecological crisis. She holds a PhD in Theology from Saint Paul University and serves in the United Church of Canada.d dreams for environmental behaviour change./