Growth? What are we thinking?

In a world constantly striving for growth, have you ever stopped what we mean by growth? Manitou Intentional Learning Community invites you to an online conversation with Rev. Calin Lau, Tuesday, April 9th at 7 PM. Join us on an exploration of church growth, revitalization, and renewal. This session isn’t just about listening; it’s an invitation to dialogue, to question, and to discover together.

What does growth mean to you? What kind of ‘growth’ do our communities genuinely need? These questions and more will be the fuel for our discussion, guided by the insightful Rev. Calin Lau, the United Church of Canada Growth Animator for Central and Northern Ontario. Rev. Lau brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a deep passion for nurturing faith communities. From his early days as a teacher and preacher in Hong Kong to his impactful ministries and experiences in Canada, his journey is one of faith, resilience, and dedication to growth in its most holistic sense. Rev. Lau’s contributions span across various initiatives, including Racial Justice workshops, planning for emerging faith communities, and projects like the Living Presence Ministry and Hong Kong Newcomers. His approach to growth is not just about numbers; it’s about encouraging communities to take risks, stay connected, and foster environments where faith can flourish in the most inviting and interconnected ways.

Rev. Lau

As Rev. Lau steps into his role within the Canadian Shield and Shining Waters Regional Councils, he aims to infuse his work with insight, passion, optimism, and curiosity. This event is a unique opportunity to tap into that vision, to share your thoughts, and to engage in meaningful dialogue about the future of our faith communities.

Don’t miss out on this compelling conversation. What are your questions about church growth? Come prepared to explore, to challenge, and to be inspired.

Tuesday, April 9th at 7 PM via Zoom

Let’s embark on this journey together, seeking the growth we need, not just the growth we’ve come to expect.

Hate, Racism and Islamophobia in Canada-Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?


Please watch for further details about rescheduling.

Presentation  by Mr. Fareed Khan

January 29th marks the four year anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting when six people were killed and nineteen were injured. Deemed as one of the deadliest mass shootings in Canadian history, the massacre that took place in the Quebec City mosque continues to prompt much-needed public debate and discussion around hate, racism, Islamophobia and the rise of right-wing terrorism in Canada. In collaboration with the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Green from the Anglican Church of the Epiphany in Sudbury, the Manitou Intentional Learning Community will host a Zoom event that will address ongoing issues of hate, racism and Islamophobia in Canada. Joining us as our Guest Speaker is Mr. Fareed Khan, founder of the anti-racism group known as Canadians United Against Hate. Mr. Khan’s presentation entitled Hate, Racism and Islamophobia in Canada-Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?  will enable participants to ask hard questions, and to raise our awareness for how we might each do our part to become more active in combating hate and racism in our lives and communities.

Biography of Fareed Khan

Fareed Khan is the founder of the anti-racism group Canadians United Against Hate.  He is also the Director of Advocacy and Media Relations, and the co-founder of the Rohingya Human Rights Network.  He has a professional background in strategic communications, advocacy, public policy development and media relations spanning more than three decades. During his career he has advanced public policy initiatives at all levels of government.  He has advised and consulted with federal and provincial cabinet ministers, senators, municipal, business and community leaders on broad spectrum of public policy and communications issues that have impacted the lives of Canadians.

Fareed is passionate about issues which impact human rights and civil liberties, combat racism, and support broader issues of social justice.  Because of his human rights and anti-racism work, he is regularly called upon by CBC, CTV, Global, Canadian Press, the Globe and Mail and others to provide media analysis and commentary.

He has held leadership positions on the boards of numerous national and community-based charitable, civic and business organizations in Ottawa, Toronto, and the US, and has led efforts which have raised more than $375,000 for various charitable causes.

Fareed graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Toronto’s York University and pursued graduate studies at Carleton University in the areas of foreign affairs, defence, national security, and communications studies.  He has also studied at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and Trois Rivières, as well as pursued professional development studies in communications and media at Ryerson University.

Watch — Truly and Humbly: Memories of the First Apology

The Manitou Conference Living into Right Relations Committee and the Manitou Intentional Learning Community invite you to the premiere of the documentary movie Truly and Humbly: Memories of the First Apology. Through the stories of those present at the first Apology to Indigenous people by the United Church of Canada, this movie, directed by Dr. Hoi Cheu, presents the history of the Apology, meditates on its implications and presents a call for action. The hour long movie will be followed by a time for questions, discussion and refreshments. The Moderator of the United Church of Canada, the Right Reverend Jordan Cantwell will be present.