Self-Guided Advent Labyrinth Walk

You may like to tamp out a simple labyrinth or spiral shape in the snow in your backyard or at a park to walk as you ponder the below meditation, or use your finger labyrinth. If you like, light an advent wreath or candles to put in the middle of your outdoor labyrinth, or to have nearby inside.

Meditation on the Advent Wreath

Candle 1: Hope admits that we’re not quite there yet. Hope calls out to us, so that we come to see the good that awaits. Let us taste, see, hear, feel, smell, and anticipate this hope.

Candle 2: Peace doesn’t always mean being quiet. Peace calls out to us, so that we may help it become a reality. May we let God reconcile in places of conflict, creating bridges where divisions have grown, sewing all of creation into a new tapestry.

Candle 3: Joy can be elusive. The night may feel like it is closing in on us, on these shortest days of the year. Embracing joy in times of trouble is a choice. May we let God lead us through the tears, to the places and people of joy.

Candle 4: Love is not always what we expect. God’s love is not always what we expect. May we allow God to love us into wholeness today, so that we may share that love tomorrow.

Christ Candle: Enter the labyrinth with your vulnerabilities and with your whole self just as you are. Come, with your brokenness. Come, with your desire for new life. Come, with your desire to love and to be beloved. Come at God’s invitation this season.

Adapted from a liturgy by Eric Hebert-Daly, United Church of Canada

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May your Advent and Christmas season be blessed,
The MILC (Manitou Intentional Learning Community) Labyrinth Sub-Committee