Self-Guided Labyrinth Walk for Fall Equinox 2020

By Amy Hallman Grout with revised contributions from Rev. Dawn Vaneyk.

You may choose to walk at a local labyrinth near you or you can also “walk” your finger labyrinths. Here are instructions on making a finger labyrinth.

Directions for Labyrinth Walking

At the entrance:  Perhaps invite the guidance of the Spirit in your walk. Some people like to offer a concrete prayer for guidance or help; some simply ‘set their intention’.

The walk in:  Don’t “force” anything; walk with awareness of your feet, of sounds and sights, of feelings – you don’t need to follow those things and get involved with them, or lost in the story they might tell; just notice and let go.  Be here.

At the Centre:  Rest for a time in God’s Presence; you may wish to face the four directions; to be still; to be grateful; to listen.  When the time is right, begin the path out.

On the way out:  Again, enjoy the walk; if a thought or guidance comes to you, be grateful.  If this is just the first time this week you have slowed down to do nothing but be and walk – just be, and walk.  It’s a sacred gift.

 At the end:  Take a moment to give thanks for the walk, for the gift of it, for the fruit of it that may not come today, but at some moment when you need it.

Thoughts About Equinox

The Equinox of Autumn is a moment of balance between daylight and night.  It is our journey toward the Solstice, when the longest hours of night turn once again to the lengthening of day.

For many people this is a time of difficulty. Letting go of the summer can be hard, especially this summer that for our family meant a bit of a loosening of restrictions around COVID 19. We expanded our bubble to include extended family and very much enjoyed the face to face time. With the returning to school this fall, we have felt the need to restrict our bubble once again, for the protection of ourselves and others. Perhaps you have had a similar experience.

Another transition that is currently happening for members of St. Peter’s United is that of the retirement of our longtime minister, Rev. Dawn Vaneyk. We are in the midst of letting go of the ‘summer’ of her leadership and entering into a different season of spirituality. This has proven to be challenging as well, especially in an age of physical distancing.

Rather than looking at previous joyous seasons of our lives as being gone forever, we can focus on the ‘fruits’ of these seasons, what we have learned and how we have grown, and we can carry these with us into the future. Similarly, in the fall we gather the harvest of the summer growing season and take it with us into the upcoming months for nourishment.

We can also remember that, as always, we do not make this journey alone. The Spirit of God is with us as we move from the known to the unknown, from one season to the next. Also, we have each other as companions. You may like to walk the labyrinth with those in your bubble, or walk separately and then communicate your experience afterwards with a friend.

A Blessing for the Journey

Stillness inside

A Breath

That Moment of Balance

Just before

Life tips again

~ T. Thorne Coyle